2011 Cherry Roubaix & Third Coast Bicycle Fest

2011 Cherry Roubaix & Third Coast Bicycle Fest

“We are very excited to have awarded the state championship road race to the Cherry-Roubaix event.The Cherry-Roubaix has continued to grow into a popular event in Traverse City and the surrounding area, and now, to have the Michigan State Road Race Championships as part of this event, brings it to another level.”
~ Joe Lekovish, Director of the Michigan Bicycle Racing Association

2010 cherry roubaix criterium mens pro 17Leelanau County and the Third Coast Bicycle Fest have scored a major event on the Michigan cycling scene, and also rounded out what was already one of the Midwest’s best cycling weekends, the Cherry Roubaix.

It all starts tonight with the Downtown Drag Race sprints at Friday Night Live in Traverse City as bikers race head to head down the middle of Front street for prizes and bragging rights. There’s also a kids bike rodeo and high-flying action on a BMX freestyle ramp.

2011 Cherry Roubaix & Third Coast Bicycle Fest Then on Saturday morning, the Charity Ride on Old Mission Peninsula to benefit the Munson Women’s Cancer Fund. That’s followed by one of the highlights of the weekend, the fast-paced and exciting Old Town Criterium where riders fly around a closed course that twists & turns through the city streets and neighborhoods of Old Town. It’s definitely not to be missed.

On Sunday morning the Cherry Roubaix Road Race returns cycle racing to Leelanau County. The Michigan State Road Race starts and ends in downtown Cedar and takes racers through a gear-shifting, lung-splitting, quad burning, 15.5-mile loop course.

There’s lots more events this weekend and next week and weekend – head over to tcbikefest.org for all the details!

Photo Credits: 2010 cherry roubaix criterium mens pro 17 by northernlightphotograph and Charity Ride courtesy Cherry Roubaix.



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  1. Janice Blackburn
    Janice Blackburn says:

    Most of the riders traveling to the race on Sunday were extremely rude. While walking – legally – on the road, I was forced off the road a multitude of times by riders traveling to the beginning of the race. If you expect to have drivers show respect to you while you are riding your bicycle on the road, maybe you should also show respect to walkers and joggers while you are driving. Respect should go both ways.

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