A spring recipe for Michigan Wine Month

A spring recipe for Michigan Wine MonthThe other day I discovered this blog by Joey Randall through Absolute Michigan. I thought that Leelanau folks would be interested in the latest entry, a recipe for Veal Oscar with rice pilaf and a salad from the Leelanau Country in Cookbook, all set off with a bottle of wine from the Willow Vineyard.

Joey wrote that with April being Michigan wine month, she felt it appropriate to feature food & wine from the Leelanau Peninsula.

Check out Food & Fine from the Leelanau Peninsula at The Village Voice.

Also see the Willow Vineyard web page and Sission’s Main Street.



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  1. Robert Silk
    Robert Silk says:

    My mother, Gertie Nurko, was born in Empire, Mich., in last decade of the 19th Century. She said that it was in Leelanau County. Is it? Do you carry news of Empire?

  2. Andrew McFarlane
    Andrew McFarlane says:

    Empire is in Leelanau and we do carry news of it, Robert. You read it at:

    Stay tuned as we will be adding a lot of local information features for all of Leelanau’s villages and attractions this spring!

    One note, if your mother is from Empire, you have to make a trip sometime and visit the Empire Area Museum – it’s a wonderful place!

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