Back up the truck for Bardenhagen Strawberries!

Back up the truck for Bardenhagen Strawberries!The Leelanau Ticker reports that strawberry harvest begins in earnest today (June 19) at Bardenhagen Berries in Lake Leelanau with Earliglow strawberries:

New this season, says co-owner and berry farmer Pam Bardenhagen: “we have an online farm stand, where people can pre-order 8-quart flats of strawberries to pick up at our farm.”

They are not taking phone orders this summer.

“We put the online farm stand on social media as an experiment, and it kind of went viral. We’ve already sold 100 flats for Friday — people must be more used to ordering that way or perhaps they have more time at home to make jam,” she says. She notes that pre-orders are closed, just for Friday, with more pre-orders available later this weekend.

She adds that overall quantities may be limited, this weekend, June 19-21, but they will have more staff picking starting Monday to keep up with high demand for berries.

Read more in the Ticker and definitely try to get your hands on what (for our money) are the best strawberries in the world!

photo by Bardenhagen Berries