Happy Summer Solstice everyone!

Lake Michigan ... solstice sunset, moonrise by Ken Scott Photography

Lake Michigan … solstice sunset, moonrise by Ken Scott Photography

Summer will officially arrive to Leelanau TODAY (Saturday, June 20) with the summer solstice at 5:43:32 PM. Via Space.com:

At the moment of the solstice, the sun will appear to be shining directly overhead for a point on the Tropic of Cancer (latitude 23.5 degrees north) in the central Pacific Ocean, 817 miles (1,314 kilometers) east-northeast from Honolulu. With the prime exception of Hawaii, we can never see the sun directly overhead from the other 49 U.S. states, but on Saturday, at around 1 p.m. local daylight time, the sun will attain its highest point in the sky for this entire year.

Since the sun will appear to describe such a high arc across the sky, the duration of daylight in the Northern Hemisphere is now at its most extreme, in most cases lasting over 15 hours. However, contrary to popular belief, the earliest sunrise and latest sunset do not coincide with the summer solstice. The earliest sunrise actually occurred back on June 14, while the latest sunset is not due until June 27. Dawn breaks early; dusk lingers late.

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Ken took this back in 2016. See more in his Solstice gallery on Flickr and for sure follow him on Facebook and at kenscottphotography.com!