Bingham Township considers agricultural tourism

Harvest II by Andy McFarlane The Enterprise reports that the Bingham Township Planning Commission held a public forum to discuss ideas that may enhance agricultural tourism in the township, including model zoning ordinance language from the State of Michigan. They quote planner Rochelle Rollenhagen on what is being considered:

“The ideas we’re exploring involve expanding the types of activities that might be allowed on agricultural land,” Rollenhagen explained. “Agritourism involves some land uses that can be pretty commercial in nature; and a broader range of uses could become allowable in the township’s agriculture district if we follow through with some of these ideas,” she said.

The point behind expanding opportunities for agritourism in the township would be to allow farmers and the owners of agricultural properties to stay in business and on their farms, Rollenhagen said. Such opportunities might help prevent residential sprawl.

Read Bingham gathers input for boosting ‘agritourism’ in the Leelanau Enterprise.

Photo: Harvest II by Andy McFarlane (available in wallpaper size)



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