Rich Brauer's Mr. Art Critic at the State Theatre

Rich Brauer's Mr. Art Critic at the State Theatre

Mr Art CriticThe newly re-opened State Theatre will host a special Sneak Preview of Mr. Art Critic, the latest movie by Traverse City filmmaker Richard Brauer. The Preview begins at 8:30 PM on Thursday Dec. 27th and tickets are available at the door or online at the State Theatre web site.

Mr. Art Critic tells the humorous story of M.J. Clayton (portrayed by Bronson Pinchot, “Balki from Perfect Strangers), a high profile art critic from Chicago known across the country for his heartless commentaries. After a scolding from his boss, Clayton takes a vacation (to Mackinac Island) to clear his head and runs into a recent victim of one of his particularly nasty reviews. Clayton then makes a drunken proclamation that any idiot can make art, followed by an impossible wager. What ensues is a heartwarming tale illustrating how the ability to create art is indeed a gift.

Mr. Art Critic is the fifth full-length feature film by Rich’s company Brauer Productions and was filmed in Traverse City and on Mackinac Island. You can learn more about the film and see a trailer at the official site and read about the filming in this article from the Mackinac Island Town Crier.

It’s kind of a full-circle thing, as Rich announced the project at the Traverse City Film Festival.



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  1. Lee
    Lee says:

    Nice movie, very fun preview. Most of the movie actors were there (except Bronson Pinchot), including Toni Trucks and John Leopard.

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