Boizard Letters Presentation at Empire Museum

The Empire Area Heritage Group will present the program “The Boizard Letters” next Friday, May 6th at 7PM at the Empire Area Museum.

A half hour video presentation will feature recollections of Julia Dickinson and Joan Bolton telling the tale of finding of over one hundred letters written before, during and after the Civil War between a husband, off in the service, and his wife, left in Glen Arbor to fare for herself and her small child. Fascinating letters between them and other relatives telling what it was like to live in Glen Arbor and him telling of the outside world and his military life. The second part of the program involves a discussion of fate, luck and perseverance and the writing of a second book by Jodie Sewall “Long Distance Love” which includes over one hundred and fifty additional Boizard letters.

Names of local Civil War veterans will also be recognized, so join them for an educational and enjoyable evening with lots of FREE POPCORN!



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