(Crystal) River in the Blood

Color Tour ... Crystal River, the Oxbow, fall
Color Tour … Crystal River, the Oxbow, fall by Ken Scott

The latest edition of the Glen Arbor Sun has an essay by Michael Delp titled River in the Blood that begins:

Stand close by the banks of the Crystal River and try to convince me that it was not put down millennia ago by an alchemist, some ancient madman who melted down tons of goblets, and made them into something liquid and cold, and somehow managed to transform them into this lovely river. I prefer myth to science most of the time, and know full well the glacial forces which shaped Michigan and laid down the bed of the Crystal. I know where rivers come from and where they go; that they have their own individual lives and that they carry the watery blood keeping all of us alive. Give me a river and a fly rod and I will let go of everything deemed important by most others and disappear into the brush to find a brook trout, or a brown … any finned creature which looks like it came from the stars.

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