February is National Cherry Month!

From absolutemichigan.com:

Did you know that Michigan is the largest producer of Montmorency tart cherries, growing 70-75% of the crop? With February being National Cherry Month, it’s only appropriate we celebrate Michigan’s almost-official fruit!

The Cherry Marketing Institute has information available for educators and other folks regarding the history and present state of the cherry industry including growing research showing that antioxidants in tart cherries may relieve the pain of arthritis and gout & help fight cancer and heart disease.

For more tasty cherry info, be sure to check these out!

Michigan Cherries from Taste the Local Difference is PACKED with all kinds of information and delicious cherry recipes.

Michigan Cherries from the Department of Agriculture

Cherry Marketing Institute

Absolute Michigan’s Cherry Links

MSU’s Michigan Cherry Information features more cherry information than you can shake a whole tree at!

For all things edible, drinkable and wearable, check out Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor

The National Cherry Festival in Traverse City is a celebration of cherries and the cherry industry held every year at the beginning of July.

Recipes from Chef Eric Villegas – Fork in the Road

Balaton Cherries Jubilee – The great French chef Auguste Escoffier has been held responsible for creating Cherries Jubilee in honor of Queen Victoria. Here’s Eric’s version with the “new” Balaton cherry…

Balaton Cherry & Michigan Maple Crisp – A unique combination of Michigan flavors…

Balaton Cherry Mojo – This sauce is great hot or cold on poultry, waterfowl, pork and veal

Grilled Grape Leaves Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Michigan Cherries – Grape Leaves and Goat Cheese on the grill

Michigan Steamed Brown Bread with Dried Cherries and Walnuts – This bread is a variation of the classic steamed brown bread of Boston

Michigan Tart Cherry Worcestershire Sauce – A great taste treat as a condiment with meat. In Show #110 it was served it with our Buffalo Hanger Steak.

And Now for Something Completely Different…
Neil Diamond, ‘Cherry Cherry’ (circa 1967), and I do hear the influence it had on the Michigan based band The Romantics and their song ‘What I Like About You‘.

Photo: Cherry pie. Messy but yummy! by Trish Petrat



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