Growing Controversy on the Michigan Supreme Court

The Record-Eagle has an interesting feature on the growing rift on the Michigan Supreme Court. At the center of it is former Chief Justice and Leelanau resident Justice Elizabeth Weaver (a Republican) and the 4 other Republican judges.

In a recent opinion, Justice Weaver wrote: “Members of the majority have recently been accused of their own appearances of impropriety for their participation in various cases. They have attempted to characterize these accusations as politically and philosophically motivated, but it is alarming that now the majority’s apparent solution to their predicament is is to rewrite how the rules that govern the conduct of judges will be applied.”

Political columnist George Weeks of Glen Haven says “This has been going on a long time, pretty much ‘under the robes,’ so to speak.”

There’s a whole bunch more in Weaver in center of storm on court in the Traverse City Record-Eagle.

Photo credit: Michigan Supreme Court seal by Vanessa.

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  1. Andrew McFarlane
    Andrew McFarlane says:

    A longtime reader pointed me to So Much for Free Speech in the Metro Times. Jack Lessenbery writes:

    Geoffrey Fieger, the flamboyant and brilliant courtroom lawyer, has been known to be rude, crude and to say things that are in very bad taste.

    Last week, however, we learned that four of the seven Michigan Supreme Court justices are far ruder, cruder, more obscene and — this is the scary part — far more dangerous than old potty mouth.

    Fieger only calls people names.

    Chief Justice Clifford Taylor and Justices Maura Corrigan, Stephen Markman and Robert Young attacked the U.S. Constitution and our right to freedom of speech. They did so by saying it is all right to reprimand — punish — Fieger for calling judges names.

    There’s a whole bunch more and it’s well worth a read!

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