Hall Beach

Also known as Vans, and located on the best stretch of beach in Leelanau County (then again aren’t they all), Hall Beach is right next to the south side of the Leland Harbor breakwall. The beach is perfect sand and the floor of the lake is the same, no rocks to hurt your feet. The lake can range from perfectly calm to totally windy with waves breaking over the breakwall, but either way it is a great beach to play on.

Cool things to do: bring a volleyball and walk down a couple hundred feet and play volleyball at the permanent net, lie on the beach and watch the boats entering and leaving the harbor, build a huge sandcastle, dig to China, walk into Fishtown to grab an ice cream treat and checkout the cool stores. On a windy day watch out for kiteboarders or windsurfers.

For more information on this beach, visit the Leelanau Conservancy.



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