Kehl Lake Trails (Leg Lake)

Nearly 3/4 of Kehl Lake is undeveloped, a rare gem in Leelanau County. It is a perfect place for a hike, with two trails totaling 2 miles. The trails leads hikers through open fields that used to be the Kehl’s family farmland, and virgin forests with 200 year old trees. At the end of the trail is a viewing platform allowing you to look out over the wetlands.

Cool things to do: look for the “Marker Tree”, bent by Native Americans when it was a sapling, this tree marks an ancient Native American camping site, look for the stunted white pines in the field before you enter the woods – these were infested with the white pine weevil, look for Blue Herons along the banks of the lake, and if you look really closely you might be able to see a snapping turtle.

DO NOT GO SWIMMING! There are Snapping Turtles, and they are not friendly.

For more information on Kehl Lake and its surrounding trails, you can click on this link.