Leelanau Almanac for the Week of December 6-12, 2007

A Lot Like Christmas by Andy McFarlane

A Lot Like Christmas by Andy McFarlane

News from the Week

With the holiday event season winding down, we were actually able to spend some time building out our Ski Leelanau section, taking a look at the good and bad for northern Michigan ski resorts, exploring Lake Manitou on North Manitou Island and Florence Lake on South Manitou with help from the Enterprise and the National Park and checking out the long-vanished Northport Beach Hotel. Expect us to focus more on things like this over the winter!

The Week’s Weather

The weather was once again wintry and snow on the slopes and trails is better than we’ve seen for many Decembers.

December 6, 2008: Flurries, breezy & low 20s (24/18)
December 7, 2008: Light snow and upper 20s (30/23)
December 8, 2008: Light snow, a bit of sun and low 20s (25/17)
December 9, 2008: Light snow & 20s (27/19)
December 10, 2008: Partly sunny & low 30s (32/14)
December 11, 2008: Snow, light freezing drizzle and low 30s (34/28)
December 12, 2008: Partly sunny & upper 20s (30/16)

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