Leelanau Almanac for the Week of February 14 – 20, 2008

Snow in your hair by lpwines

Snow in your hair by lpwines (from Gills Pier Winery)

News from the Week

The week began with Valentines Day and a card showing the fashions of 1912. In addition to posts on the upcoming Northport Winter Carnival and the musical group Barefoot Tango, we started our post on the 2008 boys and girls basketball tournaments which we’ll keep updating as long as Leelanau teams are in the chase. We also had a feature on the February 20th eclipse and Ed Hahnenberg’s Lake Leelanau observatory. Although we didn’t get clear skies up here for the eclipse, but other parts of Michigan had a great view – check out photos of the eclipse at Michigan in Pictures!

The Week’s Weather

The week featured lots of snow and chilly temps punctuated by an ice storm and even some sun!

February 14, 2008: Mostly cloudy, lots of snow and 20 (23/19)
February 15, 2008: Cloudy, flurries and single digits (19/1)
February 16, 2008: Partly sunny & 20s (30/1)
February 17, 2008: Ice storm, snow and crazy temps (42/19)
February 18, 2008: Flurries & 20s (30/18)
February 19, 2008: Light snow and teens with heavy overnight snow – up to 1′ in places! (18/10)
February 20, 2008: Some sun, some snow & teens (17/8)

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