A Lunar Eclipse and a Leelanau Observatory

The Moon, Hannenberg Observatory, Lake LeelanauOver on Absolute Michigan we have a post titled Full Moon (cabin) Fever – February 20, 2008 Eclipse that gives you most of what you need to know about tomorrow night’s total lunar eclipse. A look at the weather suggests that it’s actually not completely impossible that we would be able to see it!

By happy coincidence, Ed Hannenberg introduced me to the web site for the Hahnenberg Observatory of Lake Leelanau. He says he has the largest telescope in the area, a 14″ Meade LX200GPS-SMT Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope, an 8″ Orion refractor, and a Coronado h-Alpha telescope for viewing sun flares and prominences, along with CCD and digital SLR cameras for optimal planetary and deep-sky photography.

With features like photographs such as the one to the right and a monthly sky report for our area, you’ll probably want to bookmark it!

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  1. Ed Hahnenberg
    Ed Hahnenberg says:

    Thanks for the article on our observatory. However, please correct the spelling of my name and the observatory. It should be spelled “Hahnenberg,” not “Hannenberg.” Thanks, Ed Hahnenberg

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