Leelanau Almanac for the Week of March 19-25, 2009

Empire Beach

Empire Beach, photo by Summerfrost Photography (Nick & Kourt)

News from the Week

Probably the top story from the week was the posting on an online petition to purchase & redevelop Sugar Loaf that now has over 500 signatures! Other stories included a look at smelt season, BlogTalkRadio featuring Leelanau food producers, 4 Spring Concerts featuring Lynn Miles, Chris Smither, Harry Manx & John Gorka and a cool photo from Empire!

The Week’s Weather

The week’s weather wasn’t quite as warm or as sunny as the week before, but it was still pretty nice for March!

March 19, 2009: Partly sunny, flurries & 30 (33/23)
March 20, 2009: Sunny & upper 30s (41/13)
March 21, 2009: Light overnight snow, then partly sunny & upper 40s (51/31)
March 22, 2009: Mostly sunny & 40s (47/29)
March 23, 2009: Partly sunny & 40s (45/27)
March 24, 2009: Cloudy, windy, light rain (w/ a bit of overnight freezing rain) & 40s  (50/34)
March 25, 2009: Early clouds and light rain, afternoon sun & 50s  (56/39)

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Get more events (and add your own) at the Leelanau Calendar. Check out today’s weather, the Leelanau News Archive from March 2008.

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12 replies
  1. Emily
    Emily says:

    This picture is a gorgeous example of Leelanau. Whoever took the picture knew what they were doing. Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Ian Butler
    Ian Butler says:

    This is a great shot of the beach. The dune in the background makes it seem foreign since most people only see the beach in the sand and sun. Great shot.

  3. Vicki
    Vicki says:

    The Empire Beech picture is a wonderful shot. When looking at it, it makes you feel like the beauty of the shore line in winter goes on forever. Its funny how it can make you feel like it is warm and welcoming.

  4. Stefanie
    Stefanie says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous. I love how it’s a winter shot of this beach. I’m so used to seeing it in the summer that I didn’t recognize it at first.

    The water looks beautiful. It’s a nice balance of both land and water.

  5. Michelle MJ
    Michelle MJ says:

    Kourtnee this picture is absolutely beautiful!!! I can’t believe this is a beach… Amazing!

  6. Kourtnee
    Kourtnee says:

    Hey Everyone, Thank you so much for your support!! Empire is one of the most beautiful Beaches in Michigan and Im glad I was able to share my photo of it with you all on here. And thank you to leelanau.com/blog for selecting this as the photo of the week!

  7. Andrew McFarlane
    Andrew McFarlane says:

    March 25, 2009
    The record high for today was 78 degrees in 1945 (in 1945 the Leelanau School track & field team was likely training their way to a state championship – you can look it up!). In 1965, I doubt that anyone was doing anything other than trying to stay warm as Leelanau remained in the grip of a cold spell that dropped temps to -8 (the day before had been -9).

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