Leelanau Almanac for the Week of November 30 – December 6, 2006

Walking Away by Ryan Spaulding

Walking Away by Ryan Spaulding (makes a great background!)

News from the Week

This week’s top story was a report on a new effort to get all kinds of businesses and organizations on the Leelanau Peninsula working together to promote the area to the wider world. Leelanau.com will also be providing regular updates as this process unfolds. We also had a report on the MSU Hort Station’s new director, Nikki Rothwell.

The Week’s Weather

This week’s weather in a word? Snow. In two words? Much snow. The Eskimo don’t really have a hundred words for snow, but if they did, they would have probably used several to describe the dumpings we received!

November 30, 2006: Cloudy, flurries & 30s (39Ëš/26Ëš)
December 1, 2006: Heavy snow, wind & 20s (28Ëš/23Ëš)
December 2, 2006: Cloudy, flurries and low 30s (34Ëš/24Ëš)
December 3, 2006: Cloudy, snow and low 20s (27Ëš/19Ëš)
December 4, 2006: Steady snow and low 20s (24Ëš/19Ëš)
December 5, 2006: Light snow and low 20s (26Ëš/19Ëš)

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