Leelanau Almanac for the Week of September 18-24, 2008

Good Harbor III by Andy McFarlane

Good Harbor III by Andy McFarlane

News from the Week

News from the week included stories about the passage of the Great Lakes Compact, a rundown of Leelanau County candidate forums and our September Beachcoming page where we (and you) can post news items, new sites and other observations.

The Week’s Weather

We’ve had one of the best weeks of the summer … or is that fall? I guess it is fall as we’re seeing some really nice oranges and reds coming out but with a steady run of temps in the 70s, it’s hard to tell. The apples know it’s fall and just yesterday the honey crisp apples made it to the Merc.

September 18, 2008: Sunny & upper 60s (67/45)
September 19, 2008: Mostly sunny & 70s (76/51)
September 20, 2008: Partly sunny w/ very brief showers & 70s (76/60)
September 21, 2008: Mostly sunny & 70 (70/53)
September 22, 2008: Sunny & 70s (77/52)
September 23, 2008: Mostly sunny & upper 70s (80/52)
September 24, 2008: Partly sunny & upper 70s (80/56)

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