Leelanau Almanac for the Week of September 27 – October 3, 2007

Leelanau shore by Jeff Lamb

Leelanau shore by Jeff Lamb

News from the Week

Stories from the week included a look at the proposed plans for the Port Oneida Rural Historic District. There are four alternatives being proposed by the Lakeshore and you can comment on them until October 19th. Events featured included the annual Fall for Art Gallery Tour.

The Week’s Weather

The week’s weather has been beautiful and it looks like we will have very good color this weekend but due to the warm nights, the peak will probably be around the 12th.

September 27, 2007: Partly sunny & upper 60s (68Ëš/45Ëš)
September 28, 2007: Sunny & low 60s (64Ëš/46Ëš)
September 29, 2007: Partly sunny & 70 (70Ëš/41Ëš)
September 30, 2007: Mostly cloudy, windy & upper 70s (78Ëš/64Ëš)
October 1, 2007: Mostly cloudy, misty rain & 70 (73Ëš/60Ëš)
October 2, 2007: Partly sunny & 70 (71Ëš/60Ëš)
October 3, 2007: Mostly sunny, windy & low 70s (73Ëš/54Ëš)

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