Leelanau Almanac: Week of April 29 – May 5

Leelanau Almanac: Week of April 29 - May 5

This week we seemed to have a common theme in our posts. They were about growing our communities and our region, not only for prosperity, but also for a better quality of living. First more news on a topic that is near an dear to Leelanau.com, and that is new of the Future of Sugar Loaf Mountain and Liko Smith. We also promoted a couple events to help educate folks and let them know how they can be involved in the future of their communities. GreenSolutions4: GreenFest is a fun family friendly event. And then the Grand Vision Citizen Action Expo will help people learn how to be involved in the Grand Vision. Lastly, since our children are the future the Leelanau Children’s Center Barn Bash is a fundraiser to help ensure high quality early childhood education.

Week’s Weather

Post your comments about the week’s news, observations of the weather or the natural world or events below! You’ll also want to check out the Leelanau Calendar and the latest news and features from Leelanau, Traverse City and the surrounding area in our blog! Here’s the April 2009 archive, and Leelanau Almanac: Week of April 8 – 14.



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  1. dj halloway
    dj halloway says:

    reagrding the subject of reopening sugarloaf….. as a community, i think we’d praise the day we’d have a tow rope to take us to the top! that’s a LOT cheaper to put in and operate, and would keep prices at a “local” level. yes, we could go all out “resort”, but something is better than nothing…. we want to be there sooo badly, that many of us walk up just to ski or board down!

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