7th Annual Empire Asparagus Fest

The 7th Annual Empire Asparagus Festival will be held May 14-16, 2009 and features a slew of asparagus-themed events including a fun run (or walk), Asparagus recipe contest, the Asparagus Parade, chalk art, music & dance and kids games. And, again this year, the popular Asparagus Eats/Wine and Beer Tasting! Check out the list of food and beverage vendors below.

For a full list of events, visit the Empire Chamber of Commerce website.

The Empire Asparagus is one of the world’s weirdest festivals, check out the video:

2010 Asparagus Eats/Wine and Beer Tasting

Maybings Ethnic Organic Foods / Asparagus Crepes

Scalawags Fish & Chips/ Fresh Local White Fish & Chips with Asparagus Tarter Sauce, Homemade Asparagus Gumbo

Stone House Bread/Asparagus Focaccia Soup Bread Bowl

EMS Catering Lamb Gyro with Asparagus Tzatziki Sauce

Norconks Asparagus/Fresh & Pickled Asparagus

Empire Village Inn /Spring Asparagus Pizza

Gemmas Coffee Shop & Baked Goods/ Asparagus Croissants Asparagus Scones and fresh brewed coffee

Joes Friendly Tavern/ Cream of Asparagus soup

Phils On Front/ TBA

Arts Tavern/Deep Fried Asparagus in Beer Batter

Deerings Market and Bakery/Asparagus Brats

Blu/Asian-Asparagus Salad

Black Star Farms/ TBA

AmiCal/ TBA

Right Brain Brewery/Asparagus Beer

Forty-Five North Winery

Tandem Cider

Acoustic Mead

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