Leelanau Almanac for the Week of May 10-16, 2007

White and Gold by Andy McFarlane

White and Gold by Andy McFarlane

News from the Week

Stories from the week included some morel hunting tips, information about a workshop on environmentally sensitive development (that has a great cherry blossom photo) and a report on the evaluation of the hornfaced bee by the MSU Horticultural Research Station. There was also a terrific photo of the view of Glen Lake and Sleeping Bear Bay from Miller Hill by John Clement Howe – and some information about the geology of the area from the Park Service.
The Week’s Weather

The week’s weather was pretty up and down – sun to thunderstorms, frost to 80s, we pretty much ran the full gamut of spring weather. Except for snow of course. Which I think we can all agree is OK.

May 10, 2007: Mostly cloudy & low 70s (73Ëš/44Ëš)
May 11, 2007: Sunny & upper 50s (59Ëš/43Ëš)
May 12, 2007: Sunny & upper 50s (57Ëš/37Ëš)
May 13, 2007: Sunny & upper 60s w/ morning frost (70Ëš/30Ëš)
May 14, 2007: Early morning thunderstorm, then partly sunny, breezy & 80 (81Ëš/45Ëš)
May 15, 2007: Mostly cloudy, scattered light rain & upper 70s (79Ëš/46Ëš)
May 16, 2007: Mostly cloudy, light rain & 40s (47Ëš/41Ëš)

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  1. caseywilliamson
    caseywilliamson says:

    what a dream – trillium and black morel! i’m going to ask visiting advice — i moved to lansing from texas a few months ago and some friends/naturalists/plant people are visiting next week… should i take them to sleeping bear dunes? leelanau state park? somewhere else? i love reading the blog.

  2. Andrew McFarlane
    Andrew McFarlane says:

    Glad you enjoy the blog. I have always enjoyed the Shauger Hill Trail in Sleeping Bear Dunes. That page says This rich woodland changes with the seasons. In the spring, look for wild flowers and morels; in the summer enjoy the deep shade and listen for songs of the ovenbird, red-eyed vireo and veery…

    Now I’m not going to say if they’re right about that morel part or that the above photo was taken not far off the trail there, but I will tell you that I particularly enjoy this trail in May.

    It’s also not far from things like Pierce Stocking Drive, which gives a stunning view as shown in this Sleeping Bear Dunes panorama by 360 Michigan.

    I should also add that the Leelanau Conservancy’s trails – especially Kehl Lake (near Leelanau State Park) and Houdek Dunes (on the way to Northport and the State Park) offer very diverse flora as well.

  3. joey randall
    joey randall says:

    I love this photo, Andy …

    You must be very proud! It captures the essence of spring.

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