Leelanau Recycling Program Saved … sort of

The Leelanau Enterprise reports that recycling will continue in Leelanau County … but not everywhere. According to the Enterprise:

The Leelanau County Board of Commissioners decided this week to add a $25-per-household fee to December tax bills in seven of the county’s 11 townships. Meanwhile, residents of the four townships where an annual per-household fee was voted down in the Aug. 8 Primary election will not be charged the fee, nor will the county ask residents of those townships to pay the fee “voluntarily.”

Starting next year, residents of those four townships – Bingham, Cleveland, Kasson and Solon – will be guilty of “larceny by conversion” if they deposit recyclable materials at any of the county’s recycling sites. 

Editor’s (snarky) note: Might we also charge them with a count or two of “Environment Responsiblity” or “Preservation of Scarce Resources”?