Leland Regional Mock Election

Yesterday Leland School hosted the regional mock election that features students speaking on behalf of the candidates followed by the candidates themselves or their reps. TV 7&4 has a video report from the election:

Candidates running for state and national positions came from Lansing and Washington to Leland… trying to win student votes. And one by one those running for office gave their speeches.

“As a U.S. Senator I want to make sure we preserve freedoms and the liberties we’ve enjoyed so our children can enjoy them as well,” said Candidate for U.S. Senator, Republican Jack Hoogendyk.

“These kids are our future and we want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to make sure their future is in Michigan,” said Candidate for State Representative, Democrat Dan Scripps.

And after a meet and greet with the candidates students took their votes to the ballot box. But the results will not only decide who they want to win, but their grade. The mock election has been months in the making. It’s a project that’s a big part of their government class assignment.

Getting the nod from the students were Republican Jack Hoogendyk for U.S. Senate and Democrats Dan Scripps for State Representative, Andrew Concannon for Congress and Barack Obama for President. More about this very cool process at the Michigan Mock Election web site and the National Parent Student Mock Election.



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