Leland School Mock Election Goes National

Assembling signs for the mock electionThis Thursday (Nov 2) at 9:00 AM Leland School will host candidates for state and national office and 1000 students for the only webcast student mock election and rally in the United States. The webcast is produced and sponsored by MichiganLiveEvents.com and you can tune in LIVE over the internet at Absolute Michigan.

Between the first day of school and the day of the election, students in Leland’s government class work diligently on completing the project, managing their work through student-directed committees that handle everything from signs and decorations to creating video ads, designing ballots and delivering speeches on behalf of their chosen candidate. Each year the event has been expanded and improved and this year, in addition to being the statewide headquarters for the National Student/Parent Mock Election, Leland will be the only location to broadcast candidate and student speeches, interviews, student voting and associated hoopla live over the internet.

The National Student/Parent Mock Election. The National Student/Parent Mock Election makes students and parents aware of the power of their ballot by actively involving them in a full-fledged campaign and national election.