Leland & Suttons Bay Schools bracing for cuts

The Leelanau Enterprise reports that county schools are bracing for a mid-year cut in funding (though March or April on a June-June year is more than mid-year). Governor Granholm’s proposed budget preserved the increase in per-pupil funding promised to schools by the legislature last fall (which is also the number that they based their budgets upon). State lawmakers and are working on a counter plan, to which the Governor may in turn counter.

Suttons Bay Superintendent Mike Murray said “This ping-ponging could keep going until the year runs out. To not know (revenue) this year and not know what to expect for next year really puts us in a bind.” Leland Superintendent Mike Hartigan added “There are so many unknowns it’s difficult to say how things will turn out. We’re at the three-quarters point of our school year and that money’s already been spent.” Glen Lake and Northport are out-of-formula and rely directly on the non-Homestead property tax.

Read SB Schools may ‘Take a hit’ in the Leelanau Enterprise.