Leelanau Almanac for the Week of February 22-28, 2007

Omena Power I by Andrew McFarlane

Photo credit: Omena Power I by Andy McFarlane.

News from the Week

Stories from the week included schedules for Leelanau District tournaments in volleball and basketball, the launching of a web site for the Northport Promise, and a feature about the play Almanac of the North featuring scenes selected from works by Ernest Hemingway, Bruce Catton, Jim Harrison, Lynne Rae Perkins, Kathleen Stocking and Anne-Marie Oomen (to be performed this weekend).

The Week’s Weather

We took a Snow Day this week and thought a little about how cool is it that Michigan kids get these random holidays through the winter – probably not many of those in Arizona. We’re also in the middle of another today! Last weekend will probably be legendary in the annals of Leelanau iceboating for the amazing conditions.

February 22, 2007: Rain, snow & 30s (39Ëš/18Ëš)
February 23, 2007: Light snow then some sun & 20s (21Ëš/10Ëš)
February 24, 2007: Sunny & upper 20s – gorgeous day! (30Ëš/12Ëš)
February 25, 2007: Heavy snowstorm, wind & 20s (30Ëš/23Ëš)
February 26, 2007: Snow, late freezing rain & low 30s (34Ëš/28Ëš)
February 27, 2007: Light snow/drizzle and low 30s (33Ëš/30Ëš)
February 28, 2007: Fog, light rain & 30s (35Ëš/27Ëš)

Click for the Leelanau news archive from February 23rd – March 1st, 2006!



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