Mark Lindsay is turning photos into fashion

Sunflower Tote from Mark Lindsay CollectionIf you have followed for a while, you’re definitely familiar with the stunning natural photography of Mark Lindsay.  We’ve learned he’s doing some interesting new things with his photos and thought we’d catch up with him.

Growing up with limited resources and no opportunities for extra-curricular activities, vacations or other diversions money provides, Mark’s world revolved around the hundred-acre woods next to his house. Those Northern Michigan woods and the natural world, became his teacher, his mentor, his escape, his inspiration.

Straight out of high school, Mark went to work at Junior’s Tires in Traverse City  where you’ll see his artwork on the walls of the waiting room. 60-hour work weeks at the tire shop made it hard to get out to take photographs, but his urge to escape back out to the natural world he grew up in sustained him. Week after week, year after year, he kept photographing and building a following on Facebook to the point where current posts reach nearly half a million people, a testament that his work has struck a chord with so many people who appreciate the beauty and depth of his images.

When you walk into Junior’s Tires, you will see Mark’s artwork on the walls of the waiting room. The popularity of his photographs convinced Mark to put his photography on boots, shoes, dresses and home decor. While you wouldn’t think that a fashion brand would begin at a tire shop, his Mark Lindsay Collection has become wildly popular.

“I feel proud to work here and know that the customers rely on us and trust us, and we work hard to take care of them.” When customers come into the shop looking for a new pair of tires and they are wearing my art boots I need to pinch myself to make sure it is real.”

Mark Lindsay Collection Butterfly BootsThe art boots are truly unique and stunning, and while Mark won’t name a favorite product, it’s clear that he’s really proud of the boots. By incorporating natural elements like butterflies, sunsets, sand dunes, and sunflowers, the boots not only serve a functional (and comfortable)  purpose, but also become a work of art that can be worn and admired. The fact that you’ve never seen anything like it before speaks to the originality and creativity of the designer behind the boots. It’s always exciting to discover something new and innovative, especially when it comes to fashion and footwear.

These boots, and the brand itself are testament to the power of creativity and imagination. By incorporating natural elements into the design, they become more than just a pair of boots, shoes, dresses and phone cases, but a reflection of the beauty and wonder of the world around us. Mark’s story is also a reminder that creativity and success can come from unexpected places.

“I know that when people come into Junior’s wearing my art boots, art dresses or showing me their phone case or tote, I get a sense that they are connecting to Nature in a way they didn’t before, and that feels fantastic,” Mark related. “A customer told me that not only are my art boots beautiful and comfortable, they walk a little taller, smile a bit wider and shine a bit brighter when they put them on.”

Head over to Mark’s website to check out all the apparel & gear as well as his new high-definition metal, brushed metal and luxury gloss acrylic with stunning, museum quality color.