Michelle McManus to speak on Michigan's budget & business issues

Michelle McManus lands a big oneThis Friday (Nov 2), Sen. Michelle McManus will deliver a talk on “Restructuring Michigan & 2008 Budget” and answer questions at the Munnecke Room at the Leland Library at 7PM. Highlights include:

  • What do the new tax laws mean for you?
  • What do small businesses need to know?
  • How to get the state moving forward?

There is no cost, tickets nor reservations required and you can contact Dave Baldwin of the Leelanau Republican Party by email or by calling 231-334-4991 for more information.

Photo credit: Sen. Michelle McManus, R-Lake Leelanau, with her daughter Mary, weighing the fish she caught during the Michigan Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus fishing trip on June 25, 2007.

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  1. Andrew McFarlane
    Andrew McFarlane says:

    I can’t make it to the forum. I did send this question in:

    Dear Sen. McManus,

    I regret that I will be unable to attend your talk Friday in Leland. As a business owner who may or may not be affected by the new service tax, I am extremely concerned that my business would be asked to pay the tax while lawyers, accountants and other consultants would not.

    As a school board member, I understand that Michigan somehow needs to increase tax revenues or risk becoming further mired in a downward spiral brought on by a poorly educated work force.

    I thought that this article proposing doing away with the unfair service tax and having a general increase in the business tax deserved serious consideration and would like to know what you think about it.

    -Andy McFarlane

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