Sugar Loaf: Back from the dead in time for Halloween?

Skier at Sugar Loaf … I think itThe Traverse City Record-Eagle sent out an update yesterday saying that a Deal is in the works for Sugar Loaf Ski Resort. They have the full article today titled Shuttered Sugar Loaf may get new life:

A man with Leelanau County ties is purchasing the long-shuttered Sugar Loaf Resort property.

An attorney for resort owner Kate Wickstrom said his client approved a purchase agreement for the property with Brad Lutz, a seasonal Leelanau County resident. Lutz is working on details related to the resort’s sewage treatment system before the transaction is finalized, said his attorney, Robert Parker of Traverse City.

“He’s real excited about it … he’s very committed to re-opening the ski hill,” Parker said.

So there you go … let the speculation (and ski waxing) begin.

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  1. UP_Skier
    UP_Skier says:

    Wow, this is great. It’s been over a month since I strolled over to this blog to check on Sugar Loaf news and I didn’t really expect to see any new developements (I’m glad I listened to that little voice that told me to check today). I can’t wait to hear more about this. Hopefully there won’t be another disappointment.

  2. jonking
    jonking says:

    Agreed. I’m looking forward to standing on top an looking west. It’s good this post is here just before Halloween and not April Fool’s Day!

  3. kkitchen63
    kkitchen63 says:

    I went out to the hill in early October with my camera and got new pictures of the hill equipment, including the lifts and some of the snow making gear. Sadly, the place is in really beaten shape right now. As long as the new owners aren’t scared off by the amount of time, money, and work it will take to make the property viable again, then we might be on to something here.

    If the new owners host any kind of a public forum on the future of the resort, I plan on being there with resume in hand. As someone who skied and worked at the Loaf for several years, I would jump at the chance to be part of an honest effort to bring it back.

  4. lex
    lex says:

    Has there been any new info? The last info I read about was the sewer co. & wickstrom were in court & agreed to disagree to agree….or something like that.

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