MLUI Hosts Bill McKibben – September 7, 2008

Bill McKibbenThe Michigan Land Use Institute hosts award winning author Bill McKibben whose work includes The End of Nature and the new Deep Economy to explain how doing simple things like eating more local food, living in more vibrant urban communities, investing locally, and enjoying our own area’s entertainment and culture can be a big part of stopping global warming and encourage genuine prosperity in Michigan.

Special Guests Seth Bernard and Daisy May Erlewine, two of northern Michigan’s most acclaimed and popular singers and songwriters, will perform as well.

The event takes place on Sunday, September 7 at Lars Hockstad Auditorium on 301 W. 7th Street in Traverse City from 6-9 PM. Admission is free and the first 350 people under 21 get free T-shirts. More details at

For more on the author, check out the Wikipedia entry for Bill McKibben and, where you can read an excerpt from Deep Economy.

How is our nation going to cope with global warming, peak oil, inequality, and a growing sense of isolation? Bill McKibben provides the simple but brilliant answer the economists have missed—we need to create ‘depth’ through local interdependence and sustainable use of resources. I will be requiring this inspiring book for my students, and passionately recommending it to everyone else I know.”

—Juliet Schor, professor of sociology, Boston College
author of The Overspent American