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Leelanau News for the Week of March 23 – March 29, 2006

Much more news from the Leelanau News Archive for 2000-Mar/2006.
Wow … 6 years of online news!

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  1. old_bum
    old_bum says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Thank you for the great web page as well as all the photos, information, etc. I have to comment on the farmland preservation vote as well as the county commission. As a Leelanau visitor who has spent literally thousands and thousands of my $$ in Leelanau, I am aghast at the un-progressive-ness of many who live in Leelanau as well as the county board. Sadly, Leelanau is fast becoming Detroit with McMansions, “developments” (swear word) and suburbs. I have completely abandoned TC, as I can’t tell the difference between TC or Livonia. Sadly, I see a day when the only true Leelanau visitors will see is the National Park lands. Maybe in the end it was a good thing for the NPS to establish in Leelanau. I can’t blame farmers for selling their land at prices which are, in my opinion, incredibly inflated when farming does not pay well. I am upset that the ultra-rich have bought most of Leelanau and brought Detroit/Chicago with them–massive plastic houses and massive inflated prices. I live in undeveloped flat farmland, and love the farms within the hills in Leelanau, but frankly, I have been spending more time across the Bay in Antrim (other than Torch Lake, far fewer plastic mansions). I hope the people of Leelanau and the county board will wake up and see Leelanau from my standpoint: I don’t live there. Therefore, I see things differently. The land is the draw, simply stated. If that land is full of golf courses (we need more??) and plastic McMansions, why should I continue to go there? If you all only knew the love my family and I have for the county (three generations of us lakie/fudgies) something would be done to preserve it. Thanks for hearing my vent. Keep up the good work Andrew.

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