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'00 winter issue
[NMJ: 2000 Winter Issue]
January 16, 2000
Aliens Ate My Dinner by Andrew L. McFarlane

What I Learned in School by Mark Smith

Winter's Touch by M.A. Michaels

Dotwhatever by Andrew L. McFarlane

Leelanau Voices: Paul Maleski by Peter M. and Betty L. Mann

Snowfall, Snowdevil, etc. by Davin Granroth

Dogs of the Cove by Jen Watkins

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'00 summer issue
[NMJ: 2000 Summer Issue]
June 18, 2000
Dimmick's Point by Mark Smith

Trout of Darkness by Andrew L. McFarlane

Leelanau Morning by Tom Oswald

Raspberry Summers by Patricia P. Miller

Because I Come and Go by M. Klosner

NMJ's Summer 2000 Reading List

Pictures of the Small by M.A. Michaels

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'00 fall issue
[NMJ: 2000 Fall Issue]
September 25th, 2000
Photos from Leelanau by Ken Scott

Looking Down by Mark Smith

An Old Schoolhouse by Tom Paré

Double Moon by Roger Pao

Mystery Images: Glass Plate Negatives from The Leelanau Historical Museum Archive

A Life Half Lived by Chuck Sams

Behind the Line: Talking with Jim Milliman by Andrew L. McFarlane

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