You’ve probably seen them around, funky postcards displayed in wooden boxes, in various businesses in Leelanau and Traverse City. These little gems, known as PoCards, actually double as billboards for area businesses and non-profit organizations. In her blog, Girl About Town, Heather Johnson Durocher describes her fascination with PoCards.

My obsession with postcards — certain clever, eclectic and funky postcards featuring local businesses — started with a wine-related card….

You might actually send the postcard to someone — apparently about 20 percent of them get tossed into the mail — or like me, you might hold onto them. Along with framing a few, I’ve got a few posted alongside my computer. I also have a drawer full of them, waiting for inspiration to strike.

She also talks with Will Harper, Leelanau resident and PoCards founder, about the popularity of PoCards.

“They just don’t get thrown away like other ads and coupons,” Will says, telling me the story of seeing one of his cards at his dentist’s office. “You see them in the weirdest places. You see them everywhere. People keep them around.”

Visit the Girl About Town blog to read more of Heather’s article and to read about her other good finds.  Something cool about the PoCard’s website that Heather doesn’t mention, not only can you see the unique designs online, but you can send digital versions of your favorite cards to family and friends.

The photo displayed is the PoCard designed for the Leelanau Peninsula Vintner’s Association.



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