Poll: What do you want to see at Sugar Loaf?

Poll: What do you want to see at Sugar Loaf?

Poll: What do you want to see at Sugar Loaf?On our Sugar Loaf blog, Lex suggested that it might be interesting to find out what folks are wanting to happen at Sugar Loaf.

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  1. Ms Grinch aka Lynette
    Ms Grinch aka Lynette says:

    Since we are a known wine region, how about a Community supported winery? Imagine grape vines all up and down the hills-People could “own” their own varietal–sell lots of shares– and then have it harvested and bottled with their own label—–Folks could drive up to show off “their” part of the vineyard—-and the main building could be the winery with a local foods cafe—-

  2. SkipT
    SkipT says:

    Start small, get some skiers on the hill, and grow it slowly, as the market allows. Maybe it will eventually resemble Sugarloaf in its prime. If not, we still ski!

  3. Steve
    Steve says:

    Any of the “use as a ski area” possibilities works for me, although the Nubs Nob approach got my vote.

    I’ll toss this question out there. Under the current economic climate, which seems most probable?

  4. Rick Lahmann
    Rick Lahmann says:

    For it to be successful and have a good chance of recieving significant support from the business community, it would need to draw people in from the outside. A small, non-profit, organization may not have this ability (however, this seems to have been successful at Holiday Hills in T.C.). Such a success would help the local economy and create local jobs throughout the community, as well as at the resort itself. Most likely, the resort would have to be re-integrated in order to again be profitable. I want the place back, as a ski hill, restaurant, lodging, and a summer attraction as well. Untill then, the skiing at Homestead Resort in Glen Arbor is quite good, and adequet for most. The only problem, is that not all of the amenities are open a sufficient amount of time for the skiers.

  5. Richard Kobetz
    Richard Kobetz says:

    I agree with Chauncey. One of Leelanau County’s strongest assets is that it is an absolutely wonderful place to live. We can use this asset to the benefit of the county by attracting ventures that will offer steady employment for residents in professional, technical and administrative jobs that are full time and can provide a living wage. It can also provide the means for young people from the county to stay here and raise their families.

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