Preserving Sonny Swanson's Farm

Preserving Sonny Swanson's FarmThe Grand Traverse Insider says that the Leelanau Conservancy has signed an option to purchase Sonny Swanson’s farm and has until Jan. 31, 2011, to raise the $900,000 needed to complete the transaction.

The old farm stand along M-22 near Sugarloaf has stood there since it was built in 1931, and in spite of the changing times, visitors and locals alike knew they could depend on farmer Sonny Swanson to keep the pale yellow stand stocked with fresh strawberries, sweet corn, squash, and pumpkins in season.

They also appreciated, and honored his trust in them – his cash box, with its hand-lettered sign reading: “God knows everything. Thank you for being honest,” reminded everyone that they were worthy of trust, and most of the time, they were…

“This land is special to us and to the people in the area for a lot of reasons,” Price said. “What you see from M-22 is just a small part of what we’re preserving.”

Wetlands cover most of the property, which also has 2,000 feet of natural shoreline along Little Traverse Lake, a ridge overlooking the lake, and a half-mile of road frontage along the M-22 Scenic Heritage Route.

Read more at the Insider and also on the Conservancy’s web site, where you can donate to help the project.

Photo Credit: Untitled by Jenny Murray



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  1. KellyStronham
    KellyStronham says:

    Like Leelanau Produce and this old Sonny’s are the backbone of our fresh community. Getting in early for Leelanau Produce’s bake goods,mmmm it even gets better! Of course I am partial to their donuts and pies (Yum)!!! and their great fresh goods. But having the farm fresh spots like Sonny’s and Leelanau Produce along the roads of the county is such a wholesome and locally grown plus.

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