Properties to watch in the Traverse City Area

State Hospital Barn by Sunliner 500The Traverse City Business News has a great feature on the properties, people and products to watch in the Grand Traverse region. The properties include the State Theatre, the Barns at the old State Hospital, the Harleysville Lake States Insurance building (that one with the gulls on it) and the Clinch Park Zoo. From Leelanau, Fishtown and (of course) Sugar Loaf are on the list. Regarding the Loaf they write:

Okay, stay with us here. We’ve been through bankruptcy, a jailed former owner, disputes over sewer service—but still no skiing again this winter. However, progress is on the horizon. Sugar Loaf has finally reached a tentative agreement with the Sugar Loaf Service Company to resolve the wastewater dispute, pending an okay by Sugar Loaf’s primary lender. Meanwhile, Cleveland Township is finishing zoning changes that will clear the way for Sugar Loaf’s redevelopment. Now owned by Kate Wickstrom, “The Loaf” will submit a redevelopment plan in the coming months. Wickstrom’s attorney Joe Quandt says, “We look forward to the approval of the redevelopment plan and reopening the ski operations and a portion of the hotel, including food and beverage service, in 2007.”

Read People, Products & Properties to Watch in ’07 in the TC Business News.

Photo credit: State Hospital Barn by sunliner 500.