"Sight & Sound" – A Special Event

The Northport Community Arts Center is offering something new and very different on Sunday, September 27, 2009 at 3:00pm. This special event is Sight & Sound features renowned painter, Bill Hosner, who will paint and renowned musician, Harry Goldsen, who will interpret what he sees being created. Live photography will project the action on a full screen over Bill and Harry’s heads so all will have a close up view. Brief rest periods for Bill will be filled with Harry playing clarinet and Hugh Willey playing piano. Many of Bill Hosner’s works will be on display in the lobby, which you can view and enjoy during the reception immediately following the performance. Everyone will have the opportunity to meet the artists and get “up close and personal.”

This performance will give all of us the opportunity to see and hear the creative process in the visual and performing arts as it takes place. The program you receive on September 27 will include extensive information about these two artists which the NCAC family and friends will find very fascinating. Open seating.

Adult Ticket: $15
Child Ticket: $5.00 (Preschool through grade 12)