Soccer photo with a side dish of education funding

Leland vs Northport Soccer Game

I played a little “eeny-meeny” game trying to decide between a dry (but informative!) article on education funding as it relates to the 2006 elections and a photo from last week’s Leland vs. Northport soccer game. Then I decided to just do both.

The Record-Eagle has an excellent analysis that says that while the list of organizations  & politicians who oppose Proposal 5 is a long one, there are those who feel that politicians who talk about the importance of education should put their money where their mouth is. Proposal 5 would grant automatic increases each year equal to the inflation rate. It would also reduce the funding gap between the richest and poorest districts over the next five years and provide some financial protection for schools that are losing students and the per-pupil funding that comes with them.

Read Proposal 5: Debate over education funding heats up in the Traverse City Record-Eagle.