Spend 10 and Taste the Local Difference!

KAScott_20090912_7343BTaste the Local Difference has released their 2011 Northwest Michigan Food Guide. The pocket-sized guide is packed with information about more than 300 businesses that feature local food: local farms, wineries, breweries, distilleries, farmers markets and retail businesses and food artisans in our 10-county region stretching from Manistee to the Mackinac Bridge.

Leelanau is well represented and you can download the guide as a PDF or pick it up at farms, markets and other places that feature local food across the region. A highlight is their Spend 10 Local Dollars Campaign, which encourages people to make a pledge to spend $10 weekly on local food products. Taste the Local Difference project director Janice Benson says:

“The guide helps people find local food, and combining that with a commitment by families to spend at least $10 each week on local food will significantly boost our local economy. We have a lot of great produce throughout the summertime, but we also have meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, beverages, and much more that is available to us all year long.”

You can get all the details and make the pledge, search farm markets & businesses for all kinds of products, view tasty recipes and more at localdifference.org.


Try some of these ways to make a difference in your community with $10 or more a week!

  • Shop at one of the weekly Leelanau Farm Markets!
  • Buying local meat, fish, eggs, and produce from your local grocer, restaurant, or farmer.
  • Ordering a glass of local wine, cider, or other beverage that includes locally grown items at dinner.
  • Ordering a menu item that includes locally grown items at a restaurant.
  • Becoming a member of a CSA farm.
  • Ordering food for office lunches and parties that includes locally grown items.
  • Purchasing locally grown food products for holiday gifts and entertaining. (Jams, honeys, cheeses, dried cherry mix, salsas, etc.)
  • Buying local cream for your daily coffees and local teas that include locally grown herbs and fruit.

Photo credits: Plumb Perfect and 9 Bean Rows CSA by Ken Scott



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