Spring Hikes: Don't overlook the Dune Climb Hike!

Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes Over on Absolute Michigan Bob Lovik has a great feature on Spring Hikes in the Grand Traverse Region that features photos from frequent Leelanau.com contributer Mark Lindsay.

Bob talked with two of of the region’s hiking experts: John Heiam, president of the Grand Traverse Hiking Club (GTHC), and Dick Naperala, field trails coordinator with the GTHC. John & Dick highlighted some great hikes in our region. For “most overlooked hike” they tapped on of my favorites – head up the Dune Climb in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and walk to Lake Michigan (that’s where the shipwreck washed up late last fall). They add:

If you are looking for wildflowers, and those aforementioned trilliums, mid-April and May are generally the best times to hit the trail. And head to North and South Manitou Island for the most diverse and unique wildflowers in our region. Ferries depart to the island from the town of Leland on the Leelanau Peninsula. South Manitou is more scenic with a lighthouse, shipwrecks and dunes while North Manitou provides better opportunities for backpacking and multi-day trips.

Photo Credit: Sleeping Bear Sandunes by Happyhiker4

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  1. von
    von says:

    Oh I’m too lazy going on a trail but if you say that there are blooms on a certain month, why shouldn’t I? I would love to go.

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