Suttons Bay … before the harbor

Suttons Bay Aerial before Harbor by UpNorth Memories - Don Harrison

I’m always happy when it’s a slow news day and I can wander through Don Harrison’s incredible collection of Northern Michigan postcards. He has hundreds of cool Leelanau ones and I always learn something new as a result.

Today I learned that Suttons Bay hasn’t had that great marina (modern aerial photo) for as long as I thought. It was apparently built in 1962! (link)  Be sure to check it out larger and you can also order postcards and other items from Don’s Up North Memories collection!



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  1. Andrew McFarlane
    Andrew McFarlane says:

    You’re welcome, Mark. I love stuff like this. When you see this photo, you can see why that old warehouse behind the Bay Theatre is sited where it it – that was a very undesirable piece of swampfront!

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