The Beechnut Review: Winter 2008

The Beechnut Review: Winter 2008

The Beechnut ReviewThe Winter 2008 edition of The Beechnut Review (Leland High School’s literary magazine) has been posted. The current edition has deliberately muted titles with the authors focusing on their voice.

Here’s the voice of Ryann Collins from Across the Bay:

The “promise” was a camping trip on Power Island. After weeks of planning, my sisters, mom, step-dad, and I were finally ready to set out across Grand Traverse Bay for the island. We wasted valuable time that day packing our camping gear. The original plan was to load everyone and all the gear into our dinghy, christened “Big Red.” After much deliberation, arranging, and rearranging, the conclusion was reached that there was no way everything would fit. The obvious solution was to bring everything across in our family’s canoe. Sounds like a foolproof plan, right? Just load up the gear in the canoe, stick the kids in the dinghy, tie ’em together, and we’re off, no problem.

Well … not quite.