Leelanau Almanac for the Week of December 13-19, 2007

Manning Memorial Lighthouse, Empire, MI by Jim Sorbie

Manning Memorial Lighthouse, Empire, MI by Jim Sorbie

News from the Week

Be sure to follow the link on the photo above for more info on this lighthouse and to get it “wallpaper size”! News from the week included a story on Leelanau native Alisha Glass helping to lead Penn State to the National Volleyball title. We also had a story on a special preview screening of Rich Brauer’s new film Mr. Art Critic at the State Theater, news that Bingham Township is considering ways to boost agricultural tourism and a link to the Winter 2008 edition of the Beechnut Review from Leland School.

The Week’s Weather

Last week was cold cloudy & snowy up until Tuesday when it became warm, cloudy and less snowy. Kidding … mostly. The important thing is that even with the warmer temps, we still have solid snow cover!

December 13, 2007: Snow & 30s (33/21)
December 14, 2007: Flurries & 20s (32/10)
December 15, 2007: Light snow & low 20s (24/1)
December 16, 2007: Snow, wind and 20s (30/24)
December 17, 2007: Flurries & upper 20s (30/21)
December 18, 2007: Partly sunny & upper 30s (39/28)
December 19, 2007: Light freezing drizzle, flurries & mid 30s (35/28)

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