The Fishtown Art Shanty could be your shop!

Fishtown Art ShantyThe Fishtown Art Shanty is a pop up space where artists, craftsmen and makers can be an intimate part of the Fishtown experience for a week from late May through October.

Fishtown Preservation is providing the space and visitors for you to present your art, share your love of the area, find a new audience for your work, and get to be a part of the Fishtown community.

The Art Shanty is located on the lower level of the Ice House and was previously occupied by Leland gal. It is 432 square feet (18 x 24) and the license fee is $500 per week. The shanty is located with a south facing view of the Leland River and is near the Carlson smokehouses. The space can be occupied by up to three artists or craftspeople at one time for the same one‐week fee, though each prospective occupant must apply. Occupants will be selected on a first‐come first‐served basis following approval of applications. Approved applicants will be contacted to schedule a telephone interview, and they will keep a waitlist of qualified candidates in case of cancellations. Occupancies will begin May 25 and go through mid‐October.

For more information head over to Fishtown Preservation for more information & to fill out an application or call them at 231-256-8878