The Leelanau Almanac for the Week of July 8-14, 2010

jenny murray took this great shot of Sonny Swanson’s old fruit stand along M-22 near Sugar Loaf – who here misses it?

Let us know and post your thoughts about the weather or week’s news below!!

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  1. Lindsey H
    Lindsey H says:

    My family and I have vacationed yearly at Little Traverse Lake (M22 passes right by this lake) ever since I was a baby. We used to stop at Sonny’s vegetable stand quite often and enjoyed his fresh and delicious produce! We are so sad that he is gone now. My sister and I walked around through his barns and land on our most recent vacation in 2010 and felt his presence still there. In fact one of his jackets is still hanging in one of the barns! The best experience we had was knowing that even though he is gone his fields are still producing the fruits that him and his father planted as we were able to enjoy fresh picked blackberries off some of his bushes! He will truely be missed….but his memories live on with my family and I.

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