The Leelanau Almanac for the Week of September 25 – October 1, 2008

Traverse Bay sunset from the Madeline  by Jim Sorbie

Traverse Bay sunset from the Madeline by Jim Sorbie

News from the Week

Stories we looked at this week include the new M-22 Fall Color cooperative marketing site and a bunch of events. Big news today though about the relighting of the South Manitou Island Lighthouse on Saturday!

The Week’s Weather

Fall Color is coming on strong!Fall color stalled this week at 40-50% color.  Some stretches had more advanced color – yellows, oranges, reds – but most remained mostly green. In true Northern Michigan style, the weather went from 80s to 40s over the course of the week. I wonder if there’s any room in the bailout package for a few extra days of that 70+ degree weather??

September 25, 2008: Sunny & low 70s (72/50)
September 26, 2008: Sunny & 80s (82/50)
September 27, 2008: Mostly sunny & 70s with late afternoon rain (76/60)
September 28, 2008: Mostly cloudy & 60 (62/49)
September 29, 2008: Mostly cloudy, light rain & upper 50s (61/51)
September 30, 2008: Cloudy, windy & 50s with heavy wind & rain (60/51)
October 1, 2008: Cloudy, wind, rain & 50 (53/46)

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