The Very Lucky Kayaker (a cautionary tale)

The Very Lucky Kayaker (a cautionary tale)

“I like to take trips like this, to get out of the rut of ordinary life and test myself. I don’t have a lot of kayaking experience, but I like getting out and seeing how far I can go.”
~Steve Snyder

The Very Lucky Kayaker (a cautionary tale)Hello boys and girls, today we have the story of The Very Lucky Kayaker.

Once upon a time there was a man named Steve Snyder, who paddled from Glen Haven nine miles to South Manitou Island in a brand new kayak to camp. He ran into trouble two miles into his return trip when the spray skirt came off. With no wetsuit and taking on water, he was, as Jim Stamm pointed out when he emailed it over, incredibly lucky to survive.

He was lifted off the island by a Coast Guard Helicopter, hopefully wiser. mLive closes their article:

Michigan paddlers are fortunate. There are two excellent multiday sea kayaking symposiums every year. A symposium is slated May 25-28 in Muskegon County by the West Michigan Coastal Kayakers Association. See for details. The other is the Great Lakes Sea Kayaking Symposium, July 18-22, in Grand Marais. See for more details.

If you are new to kayaking, consider attending. You won’t be sorry — and it could save your life.

We’ll close ours by sharing the words of northern Michigan’s own Song of the Lakes:

These are not lakes, these are the world’s eighth seas, and her bottoms are littered with the wreckage of over 8,000 ships.

Try not to join them, OK? Don’t treat Lake Michigan like a lake, she’s a whole lot bigger than almost any lake in the world and demands your respect.

Photo credit: Winter Swirls on Sleeping Bear Point by Mark Lindsay



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