Yesterday & today with the Francisco Morazon

Thanks to John McCormick of Michigan Nut Photography for this post!

"Graveyard Shoals"  Wreck of the SS Francisco Morazan, South Manitou Island Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

“Graveyard Shoals” Wreck of the SS Francisco Morazan by Michigan Nut

Wikipedia says that the Francisco Morazan was a 1,442 GRT cargo ship that was built in 1922 as Arcadia by Deutsche Werft, Hamburg, for German owners. She was sold in 1924 and renamed Elbing She was seized by the Allies in the River Elbe, Germany in May 1945, passed to the United Kingdom’s Ministry of War Transport and renamed Empire Congress. In 1946, she was allocated to the Norwegian Government and renamed Brunes.

Brunes was sold into merchant service in 1947 and renamed Skuld In 1948, another sale saw her renamed Ringas. In 1958, she was sold to Liberia and renamed Los Mayas and then Francisco Morazan (for Francisco Morazán) the following year. She served until 29 November 1960 when she ran aground in Lake Michigan and was declared a total loss.



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