Aviation in Leelanau in the 1920s

Into the wild blue yonder... by Jim SorbieThe Leelanau Enterprise had an interesting article last week that chronicled early aviation in Leelanau County that included the story of Northport’s Clinton Woosley:

Young Woolsey was part of a group of American aviators chosen to participate on a “Good Will Flight” to South America in 1926. Unfortunately, Woolsey’s plane crashed, and he and his co-pilot were killed.

To honor his son, Bryon Woolsey donated 80 acres for an airport. To this property, 120 acres were added “by the people of Leelanau Township,” the Enterprise reported in its edition of July 11, 1935.

The Clinton F. Woolsey Memorial Airport was formally dedicated on July 14, 1935.

Read 1920s saw aviation interest soar in the Enterprise.

The photo is Into the wild blue yonder… by Jim Sorbie and it’s part of his set from the annual Northport Fly-in.